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Are You Wondering How to Safely Clean and Disinfect Your Phone?

If you are like me then your mobile phone is pretty much an additional appendage at this point.

I bring my phone everywhere, it spends most of the day moving around with me and living in my pocket, hand, or pressed to my face. 

Cleaning and disinfecting your iPhone

When I think about all the places we take our phones, how many places we set our phones down, how we hand our phones to other people without thinking twice, and of course how many times our phones touch our faces, well it's really quite disgusting when you give it some thought. 

Even now when I am at home more than ever, my phone moves all around the house with me touching every possible surface, as well as being handled by my kids doing who knows what with it.

In the past I didn't clean my phone much, other than rubbing the camera and screen clean with whatever I had on hand when noticing they were blurry or dusty.

But with a focus currently on sanitizing, disinfecting, and protecting ourselves from germs and staying safe, you are probably wondering how to disinfect your phone.

How to safely clean and disinfect your phone

I recently had the chance to review a product called DISTEK MAX Screen Cleaner from cellhelmet.

Cellhelmet was previously on ABC’s Shark Tank and started with several mobile accessory lines. They have a background owning several Verizon wireless stores and have great insight into the mobile tech industry.

The timing was perfect because I had recently taken to cleaning my phone screen with window cleaner and paper towels.

This is NOT recommended by Apple and Samsung and can hurt the screen. Oops.

DISTEK MAX cleans and disinfects phones and devices

Apple and Samsung both recommend using a cleaner with 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your device

Apple recommends gently wiping your phone, not using any bleach, and avoiding getting moisture in any of the openings. Definitely do not submerge your phone in any kind of liquid either.

Samsung recommends using a cleaner with alcohol-based (70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol) and wiping  the front and back of your phone gently without too much pressure, and avoiding wiping the device excessively.

They recommend spraying the cleaning product onto the cloth first, and then wiping your phone rather than spraying the phone directly.

How not to clean your phone

Do not use bleach ever.

Do not spray with compressed air.

Do not use window cleaning fluid like I was originally. Also do not use kitchen cleaner, hand sanitizer, or paper towels to clean your phone. All of these products can harm the screen glass.

Do not submerge your phone in any kind of liquid.

Now that we know to keep our phone safe from harsh cleaners, read on to find out more about this product to safely clean and disinfect your phone.

Here is some information about DISTEK MAX Screen Cleaner

How do you disinfect your phone or device?

DISTEK MAX Screen and Phone Cleaner by cellhelmet is a great way to clean off your iPhone, Galaxy or any other phone or tablet device.

To keep our hands clean we wash them or use hand sanitizer with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Your phone touches your fingers, hands, and face thousands of times per day, so why wouldn’t you give your device the exact same treatment? 

Works on all glass displays - not for use on plastic or polymer surfaces.

Breaks down and removes dirt and oils where germs like to live.

Streak free, and safe for all glass devices.

Contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (recommended by Apple, Samsung and the CDC).

Made in America .

The cost is $11.99 MSRP.

This includes a 30mL spray bottle w/ cap, a microfiber cleaning towel, and instructions.

It's nice having a cloth specifically for my phone rather than using a cloth which has already touched multiple surfaces (what I was previously doing).

It is best to apply the cleaner right to the cloth, and then use the cloth to clean your phone rather than spraying it directly. I have done it both ways though and it works fine for me either way.

DISTEK MAX with microfiber cloth for cleaning phones and devices


Having a dedicated cleaner for my phone is new for me, but it has made me much more aware of where I am putting my phone and how I am treating it. 

I wash my hands, I use hand sanitizer when needed, I have cleaner specifically for my glasses, and now I have a cleaner for my phone too. 

The bottle of cleaner is small enough to take with me when I do venture out of the house as well. If I have to run into a grocery store and use my phone at all I love cleaning it immediately when I am done.

Knowing my phone is safely clean and disinfected gives me a great peace of mind.

You can find cellhelmet DISTEK MAX on their website, or here on Amazon.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this product or cleaning and disinfecting your phone!

Safely clean phones and devices