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Can You Trust Amazon Warehouse Deals? What is Amazon Used Like New?

I recently made a purchase on Amazon Warehouse Deals. And, despite the fact that I have now made several purchases at Amazon Warehouse Deals over the years, I still wondered if I would get what I was expecting.

As in, no flaws, and a brand new product despite the condition being described as “Used, Like New”.

I figured since I was wondering, my readers might be interested too. What does Amazon used like new mean?

Amazon open box used like new

What is Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Amazon sells millions of like-new, open-box, and pre-owned items that have been returned. These items will always have a good discount on them.

I did not realize this in the past, but Amazon Warehouse Deals is considered its own seller on Amazon, and the rules applying to purchases may be different than other Amazon sellers.

You definitely want to read the warehouse deal rules carefully to make sure you understand what you are getting.

You can find some great deals on items that are in brand new condition, but be aware of what the different conditions mean.

Amazon open box, or used like new, is most likely an item which has been returned, and has damaged packaging only, meaning the item itself is in perfect shape.

While there may be other cases, this seems to be the most common one.

Once an item has damaged packaging Amazon will not sell it as "new" even if the item inside is completely brand new and unused.

For this reason you can usually trust that you will get a new product when you purchase a "used like new" condition item from Amazon Warehouse Deals.

I have heard of mistakes being made, but in general it should be a new product that has been repackaged after a return.

I've gotten some great deals on used, like new items on from Amazon warehouse, but I have not bought any products in the lower conditions.

And, while I have heard of people getting new items even when listed in other conditions, I would take their descriptions to heart and consider you will be getting a gently used product for listings other than "used, like new".

Here are some of the categories where you can find an Amazon Warehouse deal

Electronics - including TVs, Amazon devices, laptops, cameras, phones.

Home and Kitchen - with open box furniture, bath, kitchen, and garden items.

Baby items - strollers, car seats, diapers, feeding supplies.

This is the section where I have made most of my purchases. The most recent being a great high end, brand new stroller at a much lower cost.

There's not much to lose in trying a purchase if you have Amazon Prime, because you can get Prime benefits on these purchases including free returns.

Amazon Warehouse deals and used like new

Various listing conditions of Amazon Warehouse Deals:

Used – Like New

A "like new" item sold on Amazon Warehouse is in perfect condition, however, due to the condition of the packaging, it does not meet standards for new product. Returned items with minor packaging defects are classified as "Used-Like New."

Used – Very Good

If an item has cosmetic damage or blemishes, shows slight signs of use, has minor accessories missing, or the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item, we will assign the condition of "very good."

Used – Good

If an item has large cosmetic damage or blemishes and/or missing accessories, we will assign the condition of "good." It's possible the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item.

Used – Acceptable

If an item shows signs of wear including scratches, dents, and other aesthetic problems, we will assign the condition of "acceptable." It's possible the packaging has been replaced to better protect the item, manuals may be missing, and the item may contain third-party attachments.

My experience with Amazon Warehouse Deals

I have ordered several items this way. Every item I have received has been brand new and in perfect condition.

The only time I had an issue was with one purchase of a high chair. The tray did not slide smoothly despite the chair appearing brand new (it still had labeling stickers on it and was not used).

My guess is that someone returned it due the tray issue, and Amazon did not realize it had any flaws and considered it used like new.

I am guessing the tray issue was a manufacturer issue, so it was still considered a new item just open box.

I ended up returning the high chair because I was worried about the sticking tray and it was easy.

I printed my return label and arranged for UPS to pick it up since it was a large item.

This was all free for me with my Prime membership.

So, even though that purchase did not work out, there is really nothing to lose when trying to score an item this way.

Amazon open box like new

How to search for open box items on Amazon

  1. When you are shopping on Amazon and you are ready to purchase an item look at the price and notice the option for "Available at a lower price from other sellers, potentially without free Prime shipping." This has changed throughout the years so I added a tutorial below of another way to look for it.
  2. Click on the "other sellers" link and this will take you to other options.
  3. If a Warehouse Deal is available it will show up here and you can select it. You will be able to tell if it has Prime shipping available.
  4. You will see the "Open Box - Like New" option or other description for other options.How to get an Amazon Warehouse Deal - Mom Tech Blog
  5. Another way to search Amazon Warehouse Deals is to go to the store front and do a search for whatever you are interested in.
Amazon Warehouse deals and used like new

How to find Amazon Warehouse Deals

Search for open box items on Amazon


  • When you are shopping on Amazon and you are ready to purchase an item look at the price and notice the option for New & Used from... below the Add to Cart and Buy Now box. There will also sometimes be an "Other Sellers on Amazon" link as well. This has changed a bit throughout the years so it may not always look the same but this is the general area to look for other open box used like new
  • If an Warehouse Deal is available it will show up here and you can select it. You will be able to tell if it has Prime shipping available.
  • You will see the "Open Box - Like New" option or other description for other options.
  • Another way to search Amazon Warehouse Deals is to go to the store front and do a search for whatever you are interested in.

Recommended Products

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Amazon has an A to Z guarantee and this covers all purchases on Amazon

We want you to buy with confidence anytime you make a purchase on the website or use Amazon Pay; that's why we guarantee purchases from third-party sellers when payment is made via the website or when you use Amazon Pay for qualified purchases on third-party websites. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee.

What does renewed mean on Amazon?

In addition to the warehouse deals, Amazon has a couple of other ways to get lower prices on items.

what is amazon renewed?

The first one is Amazon Renewed which sells like new refurbished products.

These are pre-owned items which look new and have been inspected and tested. They come with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

You can find smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, appliances, gaming items and office supplies here.

I personally do not have experience buying Amazon Renewed items. You can check out reviews of them on Reddit if you want more information.

There are many Amazon renewed reddit posts available.

Amazon Outlet

Amazon also has an outlet. These are not open box or returned items, but overstock items that are marked down.

What is Amazon outlet?

This is another place to score great prices. Amazon Outlet has categories like under $10, best sellers, beauty, clothing, home, electronics, etc.

You can find pretty much anything you are looking for in the outlet at a marked down price and these are brand new items.

Amazon Second Chance

Amazon warehouse deals can also be found under the section of Amazon's website called Amazon Second Chance.

Amazon second chance is an area with links to trade in and recycle devices, recycle packaging, find refurbished or reused items, look for open box items including Amazon warehouse deals, and get help with repairs.

I recently used Amazon second chance to trade in some of my older Echo devices. I have so many Fire tablets and Echos so this is great for me.

amazon second chance


Amazon open box deals

Between the A to Z guarantee and Prime membership benefits with free returns for 30 days, there is not much risk to making a purchase via Amazon Warehouse Deals.

I love finding a good deal and with all the incredible discounted items, I always check them when making purchases.

If I see a product labeled Amazon used like new, I know I have a good chance of getting a brand new product at a great markdown.

Amazon Renewed, Amazon Outlet, and Amazon Second Chance are great ways to find discounted products in addition to Amazon warehouse deals.

Please let me know if you have any questions about buying items this way at all!


Monday 12th of December 2022

No. I cannot trust. I have tried 3 times, different items and I returned all of them. For 2 of then I received something different and very low quality.. The other one look like used...All of them were labeled "like new"..


Wednesday 29th of March 2023

@Jennifer Brenan, Just like yourself I swore by the "like new" label and got a few items that were new but the box was open. Since after the pandemic everything I received was WELL USED. I know in the UK they employ a lot Eastern Europeans that purposely open a box, so they can buy it at huge discounts and resell on eBay or because they have orders. I imagine they don't want you grabbing that new item, so instead they swap it for the acceptable pay 50% for new, and you get the acceptable for 10% discount. All those 15% add up. From what I heard staff gets a lot more discount than what you see it on AW. I think they only pay a fraction. So in short I don't think Warehouse deals are as they used to be. Staff cough on or just no longer care and grab the first box in sight.

Jennifer Brenan

Monday 9th of January 2023

I am so sorry you have had bad luck. It can be hit or miss but in general if it is labelled "like new" it should be new. The good thing is you can always return the item.


Tuesday 15th of March 2022

Hi, I have been looking at some small plastic storage bins (set of 3) that are listed on Amazon, but are way overpriced (between $26-$31 for 9 inch storage bins and the 3rd party seller changes the price constantly--like 4-5 times per day. And the price fluctuations are literally between 15 cents and $5, which is one reason why I am hesitant to buy it. The other reason is that I'm not sure of the color and since it's a gift, it has to be the right color). And now Amazon Warehouse has the same item for around $13 and has listed it as Used-Like New. My concern is that if I buy this item from the warehouse and I end up needing to return it (for whatever reason), will I get a full refund? I do not have Prime and I can't afford to throw money away on a gift that the recipient won't want. I also am not sure of how to contact Amazon Warehouse directly, so that I can ask THEM these questions. If you could help me with either of these problems, I'd really appreciate it.

Jennifer Brenan

Wednesday 16th of March 2022

Hi, Anything purchased from Amazon wharehouse is covered under Amazon's normal return policies. I have Prime so I could not remember exactly what that is but when I looked I found this. If you go to Amazon directly you can read their return policy but I do believe you should be fine to return it just like any purchase:

Your Amazon Warehouse purchases are covered under Amazon's Returns Policy. Just like with any Amazon purchase you make, if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you can return the item in accordance with Amazon's Returns Policy. Since each item at Amazon Warehouse is unique due to its nature, we unfortunately will be unable to replace any item with its exact same condition, but we might have a similar item in stock, so don’t forget to check!


Tuesday 4th of January 2022

There use to be much better quality control. Lately it is terrible. I write this as I just got a faux plant listed as good condition and the base is totally shattered. Might have occured during shipping but who knows. Also got a car vac listed as "like new" upon opening the filter was full of dog hair.

Proceed with a LOT of caution. Especially if ordering anything Electronic.

Jennifer Brenan

Monday 10th of January 2022

Hi, that is too bad to hear. I have had good luck but like anything I guess there can be issues. Read the return policy on anything being ordered but usually it can be returned.


Sunday 19th of December 2021

What is Amazon's definition of, “USED ACCEPTABLE”?

Is their “used acceptable” merchandise in the same working condition? and with the same quality, as their brand new merchandise? Because I'm looking at purchasing a “used acceptable” dog collar. I just want to make sure I'm going to make a wise purchase. Thank you


Saturday 7th of August 2021

Thanks for the read, Jennifer. I’m looking at a sewing machine that will net me a full $200 off list price. “Some cosmetic damage to accessories” gives me pause, but nearly half off the list price is hard to ignore.

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