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Tablet Organizer Stand With Docking Solution for Kids Tablets

I have three children and they all have a Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet. I also have a cell phone, my husband’s phone, and a Nintendo Switch I have to charge sometimes too. Also, my Apple Watch.

Having all these devices with cords all over the place is not attractive. If you are like me and cannot stand the mess of cords and devices all over the counter, you need a tablet organizer stand and docking station.

In our old house we used to have devices just charging wherever was convenient, and all over the place.

It wasn’t that bad when it was just my husband and me, but add in kids tablets which are usually bulky, and it looked awful. I seriously felt the need to tackle the clutter.

Adding the Fire HD Kids Tablets to everything made it get messy quickly.

One of the things I love about the Fire Kids Tablets is that they have a kid proof heavy duty case. But that case makes it hard to fit into any kind of regular charging station.

Tablet Organizer Stand
Docking Solution for Kids Tablets

I took moving into our new home as an opportunity to get my cord and charging situation organized.

Having cords and tablets lying all over the kitchen counter was not acceptable to me in my new home.

I quickly found with some research that there are many tablet storage organizers, or tablet docking stations available. Narrowing down the best type and size can be confusing though.

Tablet Organizer Stand With Docking Solution for Kids Tablets

Charging Station Organizers and Docking Stands

Rather than give a long list of all the different types of charging stations out there I am going to share what has worked for me.

Storage with charging built in

I originally started off with a tablet charging station organizer and it worked okay. What is nice about these is that the charging is built right in, and with short cables it can be a neat and tidy all in one solution.

Here is an example of this kind of charging station.

Charging Station Organizer

The problem with this for me was my kid tablets with their bulky cases did not fit in the slots. The plastic dividers are removable but when removing them to double up the space, it left much less slots for each device.

The other issue we ran into was that the plastic dividers broke over time from my kids grabbing their tablets and moving them. Eventually they all broke and a couple of the ports stopped working.

We went from having a nice charger with spacious slots to a charger with not slots and all of our devices piled up on top of it. Once the ports went I decided I needed something different.

It was an okay solution though while it lasted. If you don’t have bulky kid cases and just a normal size tablet and phones to charge this kind of charging station will probably work well.

I knew I needed something larger though for these giant 10” Fire Kids Edition tablets.

Docking stand with charger inside of it

I ended up finding a bamboo wooden stand which you can then place a charging hub inside of it. In order to keep the wires clean I purchased these little cable clip organizers to hold them in place.

So far this is working great. While it is a bigger footprint overall, it keeps everything so neat. The wood seems more sturdy and the dividers are big enough for each tablet to fit into its own slot.

Without needing to constantly move the dividers to make space I am hoping they hold up better than my previous stand.

You can find this kind of tablet organizer stand right here!

Tablet Organizer Stand With Docking Solution for Kids Tablets

I bought a charger to put inside of it with plenty of capacity for all of our devices.

You can find this from many different brands and with different capacity to fit your needs. This is the one I ended up with from AmazonBasics.

Tablet Organizer Stand With Docking Solution for Kids Tablets
Tablet Organizer Stand With Charging

And finally to hold those cables in place and keep them from becoming a crazy mess I purchased Cable Clips Organizers. You can find these here.

Tablet Organizer Stand With Docking Solution for Kids Tablets
cable clip organizer


There you have my favorite tablet organizer stand docking solution with separate charging. I have tried so many different types of chargers and this is my favorite yet. I love the clean look and that all of my bulky kid cases fit into it easily without wasting space.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these stands at all.

Tablet Organizer Stand With Docking Solution for Kids Tablets

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Saturday 15th of July 2023

The charger you’re linked is no longer available. Do you have a recommendation for an alternative that will still fit? TIA!

Jennifer Brenan

Thursday 20th of July 2023

Hi, sorry for the delay. Any charging bank in the 3x4" and under size will work. I changed the link to this one.


Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

Thank you so much for sharing this! I bought a charging station with the plastic dividers like the one you describe above and it did not fit any of our tablets, adults and kids, because the size of a case is at least 1" while the divided space on most stations is at most 3/4". I'll look into the wooden case you use, or make one myself. Appreciate it!