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Combat Toddler Crumbs With The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum - The Hoover Linx!

Every single person who visits my home asks about my stick vacuum in my kitchen. I mean maybe that is an exaggeration but many have asked. I have gotten so many questions, and sold it to many friends and family, and I decided it was time to give it a product review.

The beloved stick vac in my house is the Hoover Linx! I will admit I have not used the Dyson stick and I would like to try it one day. In side by side comparisons the Hoover Linx did somewhat better than the Dyson. At least that's what I found years ago when I was researching options. The Hoover is also much more affordable.

First some information from Hoover about their vacuum:

  • 18 volt lithium-ion battery - powerful performance without the hassle of a cord
  • Multi-Floor electronic brush roll - works on carpets and hard floors
  • Lightweight, low profile design - clean effortlessly and get under and around furniture easily
  • Wind tunnel technology - quickly sweeps away dirt and debris with one Swift pass
  • High capacity dirt cup - capture more dirt and debris with fewer trips to the trashcan

Best Cordless Stick Vac - Mom Tech Blog

Best Cordless Stick Vac - Mom Tech Blog

Best Cordless Stick Vac - Mom Tech BlogHere's what I love about it:

It is light weight (about 7 pounds) and easy to use.

The vacuum works equally well on my hard woods and carpet.

The battery is strong and does not loose its efficiency as quickly as others I have used in the past.

I get about 20-30 minutes of vacuuming time off of one charge.

The battery can be charged in a little charger which I hide away on a table (no need to hang entire vacuum up).

It's easy to empty the canister and easy to clean.

I can turn it on and off, no need to depress the switch the entire time vacuuming.

The main con to this vacuum compared to some other cordless options is that it does not come with a hand vac. I have a separate Dust Buster for this.

I originally owned a Hoover Linx but now there a newer version called the Hoover Linx Signature. I now own both and can't actually tell any difference between the two. I have had stick vacs in the past (from other brands) that worked great for awhile and then lost power over time. It usually happened pretty quickly.

My Hoover Linx lasted about four years before the battery started to lose power. This is when I decided that rather than buy a new battery I would buy a new Hoover Linx and move my old one to a different floor of the house. My old one is still going strong as a backup, and the newer Hoover Linx Signature resides in my kitchen. It gets used about five times a day. I have three children and they drop crumbs everywhere with every meal. I was going insane attempting to sweep that often.

My main maintenance tip is to clean it out well and often. I did have a situation where my suction stopped working and it was due to a clog in the vacuum. Turn it over and pull hair out of the roller bar, check openings for jammed debris, and it will give you a good life.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Hoover Linx and find it here!

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