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Connect Peloton to Apple Music and Spotify  

As you can see from my site's content, I am a major Peloton fan.

Peloton rides are known for their excellent playlists, and years ago, we could not save the great music we heard on a ride or run. But now we can!

Peloton added the functionality to favorite a song you hear in a class by clicking on a heart next to it. 

When you do this it will add the song to a Peloton music playlist on Apple Music or Spotify if this feature is set up.

Connecting Peloton to Apple Music and Spotify is easy, and I will tell you how here.

We can access vast music catalogs and create customized playlists from the music heard during Peloton workouts by connecting these services. 

connect peloton to spotify apple music

Setting up the connection to Apple Music or Spotify

With Peloton, it is possible to connect both Apple Music and Spotify, providing users with an expansive library of songs to save on a personal playlist.

Connecting either service to your Peloton is a relatively simple process that can be completed in just a few steps.

To connect Apple Music or Spotify to your Peloton, you will need the account login credentials for the streaming service you want to use. 

Once you have those ready, you must open the settings menu on your Peloton device, which can be found at the bottom left corner of the touchscreen.

From there, scroll down and select 'Music' followed by 'Connect Apple Music' or 'Connect Spotify', depending on which service you want to link up with. 

You will then be prompted for login credentials for the chosen streaming service, and once entered, your account will be connected and ready for use.

Once these playlists are connected to Peloton, you will see them listed in Apple Music or Spotify as "My Peloton Music by " with your bike username.

connect peloton to apple music

Tips and tricks

Now that you have successfully connected your Peloton to either Apple Music or Spotify, it is time to take advantage of these streaming services' many benefits.

Linking to Apple Music or Spotify allows you to access songs saved directly from your Peloton. 

Here are a few helpful tips for connecting to Spotify or Apple Music. 

First, ensure that the Peloton app and the streaming service are up-to-date.

Ensure you have the credentials for the app you want to connect to and for your bike.

Then link your account by entering your credentials on the settings page in the Peloton app.

If you have any issues with any of this, try rebooting your Peloton bike or Tread.

Can you listen to your own music on Peloton?

Many users may wonder if they can listen to their music on Peloton.

You cannot directly play music on the Peloton Bike or Tread from your Apple Music or Spotify account. 

I have seen other articles that are misleading on this topic. Unless there is a hack I am unaware of (like the hack the watch Netflix on the bike), you cannot stream actual playlists from Spotify or Apple Music through the Peloton cycle. 

You will only be listening to your music while working out by listening to it via your device (phone or speaker).

Connecting to these streaming services from the Peloton hardware saves the music you hear during rides or runs to a Peloton music playlist.

You can also do a "just run" or "just ride" workout and listen to your music via an external speaker or headphones and your phone.


The ability to connect Peloton to Apple Music and Spotify and save the songs you love is an excellent feature for Peloton users. 

It allows users to save their favorite music they hear during a Peloton class and add any new songs they may want to Apple Music or Spotify.

The setup process is simple, making it easy for anyone to connect quickly. Some tips and tricks can help make the connection more accessible and easy.