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Easy to Use Document Camera for Teachers and Kids

I get cool little tech gadgets sent to me all the time for my website, but when I come across one I love I must share it right away.

I recently was given an Ipevo Mirror-Cam to try out and it's such a simple and genius product. It's a small document camera which works great for teachers and kids.

Now that distance learning and working virtually have taken over, many children including my own are learning from home.

Having a simple product to display work easily is genius. While it is not a traditional document camera, it works as well as one and is much easier to use in my opinion.

IPEVO Mirror-Cam document camera for kids and distance learning

Mirror-Cam Tech Specs

Using the Mirror-Cam you can project anything onto your laptop screen in real-time.

You attach it to your laptop's built in webcam and it will display everything on the keyboard instantly.

Mirror-Cam has a small mirror inside of it which reflects the keyboard area of your laptop to your webcam.

It's small and lightweight. You won't believe how little it is, and how easily it attaches to a laptop.

The Mirror Cam works with laptop screens less than 6mm.

Size and Weight courtesy of the manufacturer:

  • MirrorCam 4.48″ x 4.33″ / 114mm x 110 mm
  • User Manual 11.81″ x 5.51″ x 0.08″ / 300mm x 140mm x 2mm
  • Package size 11.81″ x 5.51″ x 1.18″ / 300mm x 140mm x 30 mm
  • MirrorCam 0.02lb (8.5g)
  • User Manual 0.1 lb (43.5g)
  • One package 0.73 lb (333g) for 6 MirrorCam and 6 User Manual

It has a one year warranty.

Mirror-Cam document camera for kids and teachers

And, that is pretty much it. Unlike most document cameras, there is nothing to plug in or attach electronically to your laptop.

But it works just as well as much bigger and more expensive document cameras.

Mirror-Cam document camera for kids
Mirror Cam document camera for kids and teachers instructions for setup

IPEVO Visualizer Software

While it can work all by itself, I highly recommend using it with the IPEVO Visualizer software.

This will give you the best image and features, such as moving the image to the correct orientation when you project it to the screen.

Using correction to digitally align the image.

You can take snapshots and videos and save your work.

You can also zoom in and make it larger.

Using the software will give you results which rival the more expensive and bigger document cameras.

Using the visualizer software with Mirror-Cam document camera
The orientation is reversed here
Mirror-Cam document camera for kids and teachers Ipevo software
Using the visualizer software you can change the orientation

Uses for students

My kids are required to have a whiteboard for class, with the Mirror Cam they can lay it on the keyboard and their teacher can watch them work out problems in real time.

Since it gives a perfect overhead view from the keyboard area kids can use it to read aloud, draw for art class, work out math problems, take notes and more.

Right now my children are writing on their whiteboard or paper and holding it up, but the Mirror-Cam is a more appealing way for the teacher to see what they are doing real time.

The Mirror-Cam packaging can actually be flipped over and used as a whiteboard as well.

Simply place it on the laptop keyboard and write on it with whiteboard markers.

What would a teacher use the Mirror-Cam for?

Teachers can use the Mirror-Cam to display anything they want. The possibilities are endless but some that come to mind for me include:

  • Use it to show how to work out math problems using a whiteboard.
  • Show kids the pages of a book while reading.
  • To help kids with homework.
  • Helping children with spelling.
  • Making assignments or lists.
  • Use with math manipulatives.
  • Science projects.
  • Art projects.
  • Show children a musical instrument.

Since a lot of teachers are also working out of their homes right now these uses are more timely than ever.

Mirror-Cam is a great affordable tool to help with teaching digitally.

Document camera for kids and teachers


I love the Mirror-Cam. I had no idea such a quick to setup and use document camera existed.

I am so happy I got my hands on one for my children to use as we navigate this crazy world of virtual learning.

The Mirror-Cam has adjustable flaps and fits a wide range of laptops and Chromebooks.

It can be easily be folded into a flat position for storage and can be easily taken with you.

You can find Mirror-Cam sold in packs of six for an extremely affordable price.

Please let me know if you have any questions about using Mirror-Cam at all!