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Use Your iPhone as a Document Camera with Ipevo Uplift Multi-angle Arm

I recently reviewed the Ipevo Mirror-Cam which is a great little document camera, super easy to use for teachers and kids, and one of my distance learning favorites.

Now I am checking out the IPEVO Uplift Multi-angle Arm for Smartphones + 6 Months of iDocCam App bundle.

The Uplift is a perfect companion to the iDocCam App which can be used to turn your phone into a document camera.

How to use iphone as document camera

How do you turn your phone into a document camera?

Uplift does what it sounds like, it lifts and holds your phone in position to be used as a document camera. This way you don’t have to hold it yourself. 

Uplift will work with any mobile phone, but I love using it with my iPhone, turning it into a document camera once paired with the iDocCam App.

You can also use Uplift beyond holding your phone to record yourself giving tutorials or making videos, stream anything on it, and of course display documents.

If you pair it with the Visualizer app, also from Ipevo, you can run the display to your computer.

You can also use Airplay if you’re using a Mac and an iPhone to display the content.

iPhone document camera

You can use an HDMI cable to connect the output to a TV. And of course you can use it right within the phone itself. This gives you a truly hands free experience.

With the iDocCam App and the Uplift you have a document camera alternative which looks and displays top quality images for an affordable price.

document camera app
Turn your iphone into a document camera
photo courtesy of Ipevo

Here is more information from Ipevo about Uplift:

  • Sturdy Multi-jointed Arm: Make quick adjustments of your camera’s angle without the unwanted image bobbing and wobbling.
  • Stable Metal Base: Small footprint base made of solid metal delivers immediate stability and stays out of your creative space below the camera.
  • Rotating Head: Its adaptable smartphone holder lets you change the image orientation as you need and within a moment.
  • Best companion: Unlock the full potential of IPEVO Uplift by pairing it together with the IPEVO iDocCam app, and share your smartphone’s video feed onto a big screen, and more. (6-month free app use included with you purchase)

IPEVO Uplift is the ultimate high quality tool for those who choose to use their phone as a document camera or a webcam.

It has a rotating holder for your phone, and the arm moves in multiple directions allowing you to move it any way you need.

You can use this horizontally or vertically. It moves easily and allows you to move the image orientation without using an app to do it.

The arm lets you move it around quickly to any angle.

The product itself is small but sturdy with a nice heavy base to hold your phone. 

The instructions say if you have it extended all the way you may need to add some weight to the base, but I used it with my new iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is a large phone, and it held it extended just fine.

The Uplift is great to use with my writing and running two websites. I also plan to incorporate it into making videos since it holds the phone upright if needed, making it a great tool for bloggers or anyone planning to take video of themselves.

document camera alternative

Uplift also makes a great document camera for the classroom

While this would work well in a classroom, it also works well if teaching from home. My best friend is a teacher teaching virtually these days, and a document camera is a must.

What does a teacher use a document camera for? The list is endless.

Here are some of my suggestions from my other post about Ipevo Mirror-Cam:

  • Use it to show how to work out math problems using a whiteboard.
  • Show kids the pages of a book while reading.
  • To help kids with homework.
  • Helping children with spelling.
  • Making assignments or lists.
  • Use with math manipulatives.
  • Science projects.
  • Art projects.
  • Show children a musical instrument.


Uplift and the IPEVO iDocCam app let you use your iPhone as a document camera without any extra equipment needed.

You can also use the visualizer app to display on a Mac, and there are many other ways to connect to various devices. I love the ease of use and simplicity of the Uplift Multi-angle Arm.

With Uplift purchased here, you will get 6 months of the iDocCam app for free!

If you are looking for the iDocCam App only, you can find it here!