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High Tech Beauty Gifts for Women Holidays

Black Friday is coming so I wanted to make a quick gift guide of high tech beauty gifts for women.

Most of these items are products I own or have tried. I will describe each one below and let me know if you have any questions.

While these can be expensive, they make great gifts, and there will be deals around Black Friday and Cyber Monday so keep an eye out.

If I see a good deal I will add it here too!

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

I have had my Dyson hair dryer a few years and I love it. Yes, it is pricy but it dries my long, thick, and wavy hair in about five minutes. Five minutes! I couldn't get that before switching to Dyson.

It also does not have much heat damage, tames frizz, and comes with plenty of attachments. I love it and I am never going back.

Right now you can get a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer gift edition for the same price as the dryer itself normally.

The gift edition includes a new silver and copper color, and a storage bag.

Dyson hairdryer tech gift holidays 2020

Dyson Airwrap Styler

I do not actually have this product but I know from speaking to many friends, and women who do have it, that it is pure magic.

You can curl, wave, smooth, and dry without extreme heat using the Airwrap.

I did get a chance to try it at the Dyson store and I want one. I really want one. But I have not purchased it yet since I already have many products that do most of the same kinds of styling.

If you want to get rid of tons of products and have one for everything the Airwrap is it!

And, I will have one eventually, I am pretty sure of it.

The Dyson Airwrap Styler also comes in a copper and silver gift edition for 2020 as well.

beauty gadgets 2020
high tech beauty gifts

Dyson Corrale straightener

I own this one! And, I bought it for myself to test. I love it. I have been through some straighteners and this is my favorite so far.

It uses copper flexing plates that shape to gather hair and can be used corded or cord-free.

According to Dyson:

Flexing manganese copper alloy plates shape around your hair. This extra control allows you to create the same style but with less heat - and half the damage.

Compared to straighteners I have used in the past, I like the size of the plates on this one. I have a lot of hair so I like covering more surface of hair and it straightens in one pass.

It is also cordless, which is a huge game changer. It is much easier to style the back of your head without a cord in the way. And, it allows me to move around the bathroom if needed. With small kids I can easily pop out to check on them while doing my hair.

This is expensive so it is definitely a luxury gift item. You can find corded straighteners for much less that work well. But another benefit of the Dyson is less heat damage, which may be worth the cost if you do your hair daily.

One of the negatives I have seen mentioned in reviews is that the battery does not last that long. For me it is about 30 minutes, which is more than enough time, but I know some people may need longer.

You can add the cord while styling though and let it charge while using it.

This is also available in a gift edition for the holidays. The gift edition comes in Fuschia with a brush and comb included.

beauty gifts for women

T3 - SinglePass Curl 1 Inch Professional Curling Iron

This is another product I own and my favorite curling iron to date. I have alternated between curling irons and curling wands, but this is my current favorite because I can use it as either.

T3 describes this as a custom blend ceramic curling and styling iron with adjustable heat settings for shiny smooth curls and waves.

This curling iron has five heat settings, consistent heat, and a ceramic barel.

As I mentioned I use it as a curling iron or a wand. I am use to wands so I had to watch some videos on how to curl hair without a crimp, once you get it down it is super easy to use.

This holds curl for a good day or two as well.

High tech beauty holidays


I bought one of these on Amazon Prime Day and I have no regrets. I seriously went back and forth most of the day wondering if this was something I "needed".

Once I realized I had some Amazon credit to use I had to scoop it up. The deal was actually for the Foreo Luna 2 so keep an eye out for great deals on that one too.

The Foreo Luna 3 is just a newer model with some smart app tech added in, but they both work the same. It claims to be a smart facial cleansing and firming massage brush for spa at home.

It lifts away dirt, oil, and excess sebum with a 1-minute cleansing routine while a firming facial massage leaves skin smoother.

I used a Clairsonic Mia for years on and off and this is a newer and better version of the same idea.

It is completely silicone so easier to keep clean and you charge it rather than need replacing batteries. There are different versions for different skin types. The pink one is for normal skin.

High tech gifts for women holidays

Drybar The Double Shot blow dryer brush

I have had this for a couple of years. This is the solution if you want blowout style hair at home.

Drying your hair with the round hair dryer brush makes it look like you just left the salon.

Even though I love my Dyson dryer and straightener mentioned above, this is my one step product when I need a quick blowout look.

beauty gifts for her

From Drybar:

The hot air of a blow-dryer with the structure of a round brush to create a smooth, shiny blowout with tons of volume in one quick, simple step. Ionic Technology reduces frizz and adds tons of shine while styling. Strategically-placed vents provide maximum airflow for a faster blowout. Ergonomic, lightweight design provides maximum comfort.

Alternatively, if you would like to spend MUCH LESS money, the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush is a cult favorite and under $50 usually.

I personally went for the Drybar blow dryer brush because I have heard of issues with the Revlon getting very hot, and dying eventually, but I also know many women who love it and have had no issues.

It's a great alternative for a much nicer price.

high tech beauty gifts

simplehuman 8" Round Sensor Makeup Mirror

This mirror is an 8" round sensor makeup mirror with touch-control brightness, 5x magnification, rechargeable, and cordless features.

From simplehuman:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Imported
  • TRU-LUX LIGHT SYSTEM - Simulates natural sunlight allowing you to see subtle variations in your makeup color so you’ll always know when your makeup is color-correct and flawless.
  • TOUCH-CONTROL BRIGHTNESS - Gives you fast, intuitive control over a continuous range of brightness from 100 lux to 800 lux.
  • SENSOR ON/OFF - Automatically lights up as your face approaches, then turns off after you walk away.
  • SURGICAL GRADE LEDs - Will perform like new after 40,000 hours — that's an hour a day, every day, for more than 100 years.
  • 5x MAGNIFICATION - Provides exceptional detail while still allowing you to see your entire face at once.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND CORDLESS - Can be used without a cord for up to 5 weeks on a single charge.
  • MAXIMUM ADJUSTABILITY - Allows the mirror to tilt back fully so you always have a clear, comfortable view — even while standing up.
  • 5-year warranty
  • 9.1"W x 4.7"D x 15.1"H - 18.1" when extended fully

I love that it comes in pink, stainless steel, and rose gold.

I do not have this mirror, but I have been coveting it for years so I had to add it to my high tech beauty list.

This is definitely would make a great gift. Once I finish setting up a vanity in my new home I will be adding this mirror.

beauty gifts


If you are looking for a high tech beauty gadget for gifting this year, this guide has plenty of great options.

I personally use and love most of the items I shared here.

If you have a favorite product I missed, or one you would like to know about please let me know below!

As I find deals for these items I will update this post as well.