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TV Screen Protector, How To Protect Your TV Screen From a Toddler

My oldest daughter is eight now, but back when she was three she broke our 50 inch flat screen wall mounted TV.

We had managed to get through three years without any TV mishaps. Until one day when she grabbed her Frozen magic wand and decided to give the TV a good whack.

While the front of it did not crack, the picture immediately went crazy and haywire.

I searched in desperation for a way to fix it, but nope it was not happening. So we eventually bought another TV.

After this I knew I needed a TV screen protector.

How to protect a flat screen TV from a toddler

Once I had a new wall mounted large and expensive smart TV, I wondered what I could do to protect the TV from my toddler.

At the time I had two children under three and felt like any kind of protective device would be well worth the money.

So what does any mom do when she needs to find a product like this? I turned to the internet.

And I found myself reading many stories of toddlers breaking flat screen televisions, but very few reviews or information on screen protectors.

Eventually I found a handful of websites with screen protectors, and found what sounded like it would work for me.

It wasn't cheap, and it kind of stung to shell out more money for a protector after buying a new TV, but I thought of it as insurance and took the plunge.

And I'm glad I did. I now have purchased three of these screen protectors for various TV sizes and they are worth every penny.

TV Screen Safety for Children

For starters, I have learned after three kids there are a few things you can do to keep your child and your TV screen safe.

Always wall mount or attach your TV to the wall. If you do not wall mount and have your TV on a stand, then have a safety strap attach the TV to the wall.

You can find these straps online under child proofing.

I use these for TV's, dressers, book shelves, and basically anything that can tip over and fall on a child. This will protect your kid and your TV if they pull on the TV.

If your child is young enough, keep them contained if you cannot watch them safely around the TV. A pack and play is great until they reach the age they need to stop using a pack and play.

Then get yourself a good screen protector. As I have learned, these delicate flat screens can break easily.

A light tap with a ball or a toy can do it.

TV screen protector

My favorite TV Screen Protector

The TV screen protector I ended up with is the Vizomax TV Screen Protector for LCD, LED or Plasma HDTV.

And, I got it on Amazon.. how convenient to have it just come to my house.

It attaches with tiny pieces of velcro and kind of hangs on top of the TV. It is not coming off, and it is extremely thin but also strong.

It works to protect the TV and that is the most important part.

Some added benefits of this product are that it keeps the little hand prints and finger smudges off of your screen.

It's easy to clean, and when I am watching TV I cannot see anything in front of the screen at all.

Vizomax TV screen protector, protect tv from children

More information about the Vizomax screen protector:

100% Clear

Proprietary optical-grade material optimized to maintain HDTV picture quality and ensures superior protection.


Heavy Duty! Advanced technology used to manufacture the transparent shield ensures that the high quality plastic is not only 100% clear but is also virtually unbreakable. 


Vizomax TV screen protector with its elegant proprietary design and unmatched optical clarity stands virtually invisible after installation.


Vizomax is the best way to keep the look of your TV and have it protected. With its elegant appearance Vizomax will not take away from the look of you gorgeous flat-screen TV.

Easy Installation

Few minutes and no tools required. Just unpack and attach your new screen protector to your flat-screen TV. Enjoy in complete comfort like thousands across America. Easy snap on/off detachment for cleaning.   

Precise Fit

Sized to fit your TV. No covering of speakers and complete elegant appearance Guaranteed!

Easy Snap On/Off for Cleaning

You can temporarily take Vizomax screen protector off your TV unlimited times. Reclosable fasteners allow easy temporary detachment for cleaning.

UV Protection

Vizomax is the screen protector that not only prevents damage but also filters out between 96% and 99% of the potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) waves emitted by the TV screen

Screen Ventilation

Last but not least: Vizomax TV screen protectors are designed to allow the screen to be cooled by natural air flow. This is in contrast with other TV screen protectors that can cause substantial screen overheating and TV damage.

I now have three of these in my home and they are worth every penny. They keep my actual TV clean, and fingerprint free.

They are barely noticeable at all. I am pretty sure nobody has ever been able to tell they are there unless we mention it and point it out.

They do not add any glare and they are super easy to attach. There is velcro included which goes on the edge of the tv and holds the protector to it. Because the velcro is black and super thin you do not notice it.

I have it on my OLED flat screen 65" TV and it is not noticable. I clean it with a soft cloth included with purchase, and they look amazing even years later.

My child who broke my TV years ago is now eight. But I also have a six year old and a three year old and believe it or not we have had a remote thrown at the TV since then.

I know I will be keeping these these Vizomax screen protectors on for years, and luckily you can barely tell they are there.

Pictures of my flat screen TV with a screen protector attached

Here are a few pictures of my current 65" TV with the protector attached.

While you can see it clearly resting on the TV and the velcro strip, you really cannot notice it from any distance, especially if you are facing the TV.

screen protector for flat screen TV
tv screen protector 65 inch
65 inch tv screen protector

You can find the Vizomax TV Screen Protector in almost any screen size you need.

Please let me know if you have any questions about protecting your TV from a toddler!

Protect Your Flat Screen TV



Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Thank you so much for this article!! My 18 month old has always been really good at throwing things and he just broke one of our 55" tvs this afternoon with one of his toys. This article was the first one that popped up taking about protecting the screens from little ones and I am completely on board. So, in addition to getting a replacement TV, I have sent my husband the amazon link to this protector to see if we can get not just one for the new tv, but possibly even getting one for the other 55 inch tv that is at toddler-projectile level.


Friday 4th of June 2021

OMG this is the article is exactly what I was looking for :) Thanks for the detailed explanations.

Carole Richardson

Monday 1st of March 2021

Your article could be a life saver. I have a 53 inch TV with a 9 month old baby I'm just really worried when he gets older and starts throwing things around. Where can I get one of these screen protectors from please?

Jennifer Brenan

Monday 1st of March 2021

Hi Carole,

The link to purchase the tv screen protector is in the article. It links to Amazon.


Thursday 4th of February 2021

These screen protectors are LIFE SAVERS!! I got mine from a UK company and it has 2 velcro straps that attach around the back of the TV (not the double-sided velcro on the front).


Saturday 2nd of January 2021

My son recently threw a video game controller at my 65" cracking the screen. How is it fastened to the TV? I'm trying to understand the different ways it's mounted to the TV as well as spaced from the screen. Is it Velcro or some other fastener? Can you share some pictures? Thank you for this information!

Jennifer Brenan

Sunday 3rd of January 2021

Hi, sorry this happened to you. It is attached with a very thin piece of velcro on top and then kind of rests on top of the TV. I am planning to update this post with more photos but here are some quick ones I took.