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Coddle Toggle Couch - Sofa in a Box Review

Did you know you can order a sofa in a box? The idea is similar to ordering a bed in a box. Something I have also done.

But I had no idea I could get a nice sofa with a sleeping option in a box.

Spending so much time at home during the last year I took on a project many others did during this time too, remodeling and design in my home.

If you look around my website you will see I am a huge Peloton fan.

But my Peloton bike was in the basement where the kids play.

It was not ideal to have my bike surrounded by toys, to have my kids near the bike, or to share this space.

It worked for 3 years but I was really desiring my own gym space. I also was hoping to incorporate strength into my routine, and it was impossible because there was never a free space on the floor.

Do my parents with small kids feel me? This is a very common issue!

We are so lucky to have a finished basement, but the main area is full of kids toys everywhere.

My husband was working in the unfinished part of our basement, which is also not an ideal workspace.

sofa in a box

We decided to use our time at home to finish our basement

This included finishing an unfinished space, adding a full size bathroom, adding an office space for my husband, and since we were taking money out of savings to do this, we threw in a wet bar for fun.

This was another area where the builder gave us a bar rough in so we had wanted to finish it for awhile.

Another dilemma we had was that we needed a sleeping space for guests. The way we usually handled it was to have a bed out in the middle of the room, but there was no bathroom down there. It was not a great space for guests.

Since doors were being added to a small section of the basement to create my husband's office, we decided to buy some kind of couch or futon that would turn into a bed for guests.

When I say I researched like crazy for this piece of furniture I am not kidding. I had very specific needs. It needed to be large enough and comfortable enough for an adult, but also not so big to take up too much space.

It needed to fold into a comfortable couch for the office space. And of course I was hoping it would not break the bank.

I looked at sofa beds, futons, and everything in between from all my favorite usual big furniture stores.

I also looked at some of the big online sites such as Wayfair but I could not find anything perfect for what I wanted. Most traditional sofa beds were just too big in the office space.

When I was just about to give up and buy a cheap futon I came across the Coddle brand of furniture.

Coddle has several different furniture options but we went with the Toggle couch. It is a full size modular couch which turns into a bed. We also added the three inch memory foam mattress topper from Coddle to make it truly comfortable.

Coddle sofa

Here is some information about the Toggle couch from Coddle

Make the most of any space, any time, any position with the original Coddle Couch. A no-compromise, 'full-size' convertible, with split back and functional arms for individual comfort with integrated power and USB ports to declutter your room and keep you well rested and your devices juiced up.

Sofa size:  78.7″L  x  40.9″W  x  38.2″H
Seat height: 19″
Seat depth: 20.1″
Bed: 78.7″L (81.5″ leg to leg) x 48.8″W x 20.86″H
Package dimensions: 81.5″L x 51.2″W x 15.2″H

Weight: 138 lbs
Weight capacity: 500lbs
Weight with packaging: 188 lbs

Power: 92.5″L x 1 power outlet and x 2pcs USB outlet on both sides of the sofa


Stainless steel base frame and legs
Plush+ gel-infused premium memory foam technology

For ultimate sleep-ability, we recommend our custom-fit 3” thick , reversible topper to make 9” of memory foam heaven.

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Coddle sofa charging ports
Sleeper sofa in a box review

Bringing the Coddle Toggle couch home

Once I discovered Coddle I knew this was the sofa in a box brand for me. The hardest part for me was deciding what to get.

Coddle also offers the Switch couch which is bigger, matching ottomans, chairs, and a nodular couch set.

It also has a bed and mattresses and pillows. Everything in their line is top notch quality, and comes with thoughtful features like charging ports.

I personally wanted the Switch couch because it turned into a queen size bed but since space was an issue we went with the Toggle to be safe.

Their products also come in a full range of colors and fabrics but since it was a guest space and office I went with dark grey.

Once we decided what we want we ordered and everything went super smoothly. Customer service contacted me to make sure I had space for the packaging and we received our sofa quickly.

My husband easily set it up in a few minutes. The couch is beautiful and it has charging ports on the side. The comfort and quality is great and our guests love it with the mattress topper.


I just love our Coddle Toggle couch and so do our guests. I am quite jealous that my husband gets to have it in his office and my friends get to use it.

You can find all the Coddle products here! Please do let me know if you have any questions about ordering a sofa in a box.

Sofa in a box review

Brendan Gahan

Monday 29th of November 2021

Awful. Ours is only 2 years old and is already cracking in several places. None of the outlets work anymore. We have contacted the company several times and have received no response. DO NOT BUY unless you enjoy replacing furniture every two years.


Thursday 17th of June 2021

Really helpful article. I liked it has to work for you to be effective. Thanks for sharing.