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Peloton Tread+ Safety and the Tread+ Recall

Update on Peloton Tread recall:

When I wrote this post the Tread and Tread+ had not been recalled yet.

There is now a recall for both Treads. You can find the recall information at Peloton's website here.

And the CPSC website here.

Some of the basic points of the recall are below:

  • It is recommended you stop using the Tread+ and return it for a full refund.
  • You may also have Peloton come and move the Tread+ to a safer room with a lock for you.
  • You can wait and see what the fix is going to be as Peloton has said they are working on a fix.
  • You have until November 22nd 2022 to decide what to do.

For this reason I am currently thinking about my options. My Tread+ is in a locked room and I do not allow my kids are pets in the room when I am using it. When I am not using it the safety key is removed and hidden so the Tread+ will not start.

Peloton also has a software fix coming to add a PIN for starting the Tread+. This will add another layer of safety if you forget to remove the key.

Peloton Tread Plus
Photo courtesy of Peloton

Tread+ Safety

The post below was written before the Tread+ recall.

If you take a look around my website you will know I am a huge Peloton fan. I have had the Peloton bike for over 4 years, and I am not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life.

It led me to lose a lot of postpartum weight, it has led me to make new friends, it has helped me bond with my existing friends who also bought a Peloton, and it has me in the best shape of my life in my forties.

I love my Peloton bike and the app, so of course I have wanted to add the Peloton Treadmill to my collection for awhile. But I never had the space for it. Until recently, when I remodeled my basement and we now have a dedicated space for a treadmill.

I have had my Tread+ for about two months and I love it! I used to run track and cross country in high school and I have been excited to take up running again. Having a back injury and pelvic injury, doing much running outdoors is out of the question now. But, the Tread+ is easy on the joints and I love it.

I was all ready to write a Peloton Tread+ review when news of a possible recall and safety issues came to light.

So instead of writing just a review, I decided to go over some of the safety precautions that I am taking, and some of the ideas I have seen from other Peloton members. Peloton also has a list of their own safety precautions that should be followed.

Disclaimer: This is not medical or safety advice. Of course consult with your own Doctor for medical advice, and follow Peloton's safety recommendations.

I just want to share some ideas for other parents with concerns. The more we share with each other the more we are aware of possible issues, and can do everything in our power to keep our children safe.

What is the safety issue with the Tread+?

From my understanding all treadmills can be dangerous for children. Like many other pieces of gym equipment they are not to be used by kids.

So why is the Peloton Tread+ considered less safe than other treadmills? I do not personally know for sure whether it is less safe, but the issue seems to be two items, the slat belt which is uncovered and could suck something under it from the back, and the height of the Tread+ which allows for items to be under it.

According to the CPSC recall site:

Adult users, children, pets and objects can be pulled underneath the rear of the treadmill, posing a risk of injury or death.

What I am doing to keep my children safe

Peloton Tread safety
The Peloton Tread+ in my gym

First of all I sat my kids down and told them the treadmill is off limits. My 9 year old wanted to try it and I said nope. She can run outside. My youngest is 4 and she understands to stay away too.

Always remove the safety key when you are not using the Tread+. This should be a given but apparently sometimes people don't remove it. Without the key the Tread+ cannot be started.

Peloton will be adding a PIN code which will need to be entered to start the Tread+ as well.

Store the key out of reach of children. Are your kids sneaky? Will they try and find that key and put it in the Tread+? Hopefully not but just in case store it up high and out of reach. I keep mine on a top shelf which is above my head.

Lock the door of the workout room. I have my Tread+ in a room and I lock it when I am running. My husband and I had to buy a lock for the door. Now we lock it when in use, that way nobody can sneak up behind us.

I like to let my dog in while I am working out but she will no longer be allowed in either. For the same reason, pets sneaking up behind a moving treadmill can get hurt.

Locking the room when in use, and removing the key when not in use is enough for me. I am confident with these precautions that my Tread+ is safe to be in the house.

What other Peloton members are doing

If your kids are younger and don't understand rules, or you are still concerned here are some ideas from other members.

Beyond just removing the safety key, turning the treadmill off and unplugging it when not in use. This will make the Tread+ impossible to start.

If you can't lock the room when working out I have seen many people add baby gates around their Tread+, and many have built or fashioned something out of wood or plastic to block the rear of the belt.

I will not speak to the safety of these ideas because they have not been tested by Peloton, but they do appear they will work to prevent anything from going under the Tread+.

Turn your Tread+ to face the door so you can see if anyone is coming up on you. Treadmills need space behind them to protect you if you fall off so this isn't always possible.


Someone coming up behind me while I am running is my biggest concern. When we are running we may be in a zone, and not realize anyone is behind us.

I do hope Peloton will add something to the rear of the treadmill to block anything from going under while it is in use.

Since I wrote this post the Tread+ has been recalled. It was not when this was originally written. So please take the suggestions here and decide what is best for yourself. It is currently recommended by Peloton and the CPSC to return the Tread+ for a full refund.

Once news of the recall came out there were many debates on the Peloton groups on social media about the recall.

Many people believe that some common sense and extra precautions can prevent accidents. The same kinds of things you would do if you have a pool, or anything else in your home that is not safe for children.

Some are mad about the recall fearing it hurts the Peloton brand and that all treadmills are dangerous.

I do believe ultimately the recall is a good thing. When we find out there is a risk with a product, taking the most proactive steps we can to make that product safer is a good idea.

As a parent I know how easy it is to make a mistake, to forget to remove the key or lock the door. And, while I triple check everything we are human and can make mistakes. Making the Tread+ as safe as possible benefits everyone.

I would be much happier with my Tread+ if Peloton can add something to block the back of it and prevent anything from be sucked under. This should take care of the safety issues.

I am the biggest Peloton fan and I am happy they are looking out for their members safety, and hopefully working on a fix for the Tread+.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Tread, the recall, or anything!

You can check out details of the Peloton Tread+ recall here.

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