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How to Turn on Peloton Bike and Get Started Cycling

If you just got a new Peloton bike I am sure you are beyond excited to get started cycling. But first you need to know how to turn on the Peloton bike!

There are a few things that need to happen before you get started. I am going to describe the process here. I am on my second bike since I upgraded from a regular bike to the bike plus, and I also have a Peloton Tread.

Therefore, I feel pretty familiar with the delivery and setup experience.

Read on for more information.

How to turn on Peloton

Moving the Peloton Bike

Typically the delivery team will move the bike into the space you designate, but if you do need to move it there are wheels on the front so you can roll it.

The bike is over 100 pounds so Peloton recommends having two adults move it.

Attaching the touchscreen

The screen can be removed and reattached by unplugging the cable and unscrewing it. I have done this when I moved and it is easy to do.

Turning the Peloton bike on

This is the easy part! There is a plug and power jack that comes with your bike. Plug the power jack and plug into the bike, and then into the wall.

Once the bike is plugged in simply press the button on the back of the touchscreen to turn the bike on.

Connect to WiFi, activate your Peloton account, and create your leaderboard name

Once your touchscreen is on you can connect to your Wifi and activate your account.

Sometimes the delivery team sticks around to help with this part. If you have not setup yet and you want help ask them to stay and help.

If they have left and you are doing this after the fact don't worry it's easy.

Activating your subscription will use the email you used at purchase or there may be an activation key on the screen. Once you get past this step you can create your leaderboard name.

This is the name you use on the bike to follow people and be found by friends.

I am #locojen, feel free to follow me!

Get started cycling

Once you are done with these steps you are ready to go! This should not take more than a couple of minutes.

Super easy right? Peloton has tons of beginner content and programs to check out, so now the fun part of figuring out where to get started begins.

I can find it overwhelming when starting something new, so I suggest trying one of the beginner programs such as You Can Ride, found under Programs.

how to turn peloton on

Of course you can just hop on and do any ride you like you but the intro programs can be helpful if you like structure.

Do I need to turn off the Peloton bike overnight?

This is a common question related to the bike. It is not recommended to turn your bike off every night.

Usually I do not turn my bike off at all.

How to turn off Peloton screen?

The power button on the back of the touchscreen can be used to put the bike in "sleep mode".

I do press this sometimes to quiet the screen when I am done working out.

Does the Peloton screen turn off automatically?

Yes, If you do nothing the screen will go into sleep mode on its own after a short amount of time.

If you absolutely want to turn the bike off you will need to unplug it. The benefit to turning it off would be if you are worried about the energy it is using.

Sometimes for troubleshooting an issue turning it off and on can help too.

In general I leave my bike on because this way it is easy to start up quickly, and it gets all updates while I am away from it.

how to turn on peloton bike

Peloton won't turn on

If you are having trouble getting the bike to turn on my first recommendation is to check all of your connections and plugs.

This is always the most common issue.

If the Peloton screen won't turn on, again I would check the cable coming from the screen to the bike, and make sure the connection is secure.

I will write another post next week with more troubleshooting tips for when a Peloton bike does not turn on.

Since this post is for turning the Peloton bike on and getting started, I will create a new one for troubleshooting issues so be on the lookout for my follow up post and I will be sure to add a link once it is here.

Peloton support is always helpful too for any issues that arise.


I hope this answers most of your questions about turning the Peloton bike on and getting started!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am a huge Peloton fan and have tons of content you can check out here including my overall review of the bike:

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Plus much more throughout my website. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.