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This is the Best Time of Year to Buy an Amazon Fire Tablet or Kindle

I've already written about my love for the Fire HD Kids Tablet from Amazon.

I am on my fourth one and have loved every single one we have used. And Amazon keeps improving it with each new version.

If you are considering getting one of these for your children, do not hesitate. I have been thrilled with mine and have no complaints.

Where can you get an easy-to-use and accessible kid's tablet, including complete parental control and a no-questions-asked damage warranty? 

You really cannot. This is the best deal on a Kid's tablet.

I have used the warranty three times now. Yes, tablets and small children can have accidents. The 'no-questions-asked' warranty works. We have replaced tablets due to broken glass and the charging port not working.

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Amazon Fire HD Kids Tablets

The Fire HD 7 Kids Tablet comes with 7" Display, 16 GB, and a Kid-Proof Case.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Table has 8" HD Display, 32 GB, and a Kid-Proof Case. Both are on sale for much less than usual.

The 8 gives a slightly bigger screen, extra hours of battery life, and more storage, 32 GB vs 16 GB if you are wondering the difference.

Both are HD and can expand the storage with a micro SD card.

The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet – 10.1" 1080p full HD display, 32 GB, with Kid-Proof Case is my favorite kids Fire Tablet yet.

I have now upgraded all my kids to this one. The screen is significant, though! The eight is perfect for saving money or going with a smaller screen.

You can read more here about my Fire HD 10 Kids tablets. I love them!

best buy amazon fire tablet

Need the most affordable tablet you can find?

Try the Fire HD 7, which is lower priced than any tablet I have seen. It has everything you need, and the storage is expandable, making this a great deal.

You can get a Fire HD 8, the all-new Fire 8 Plus tablet, or the Fire HD 10 for a great price.

They are all on sale for the holiday, and I want to know how long the sale will last.

The Kid's versions are the same tablet as the Fire HD 7 and 8 but come with a year of Kids+ subscription, which offers access to thousands of child-friendly books, apps, videos, and games.

The Kid's versions also have a two-year worry guarantee warranty and a kid-proof case. 

I have used the warranty, and it was worth it; it was worry-free, and no questions asked. These tablets are rugged, too, and have held up great.

You can read comparisons of all the Fire HD tablets here.

Kindles Deals

I also have and love a Kindle Paperwhite. I got my Kindle Paperwhite on a black Friday deal last year, and yes, it is the BEST time of year to buy it!

You might wonder why you need a Kindle if you already have a tablet.

The main benefits are the lack of glare and the light, which is less harsh on the eyes for reading.

You also can get away with charging your Kindle every few weeks rather than daily.

I also love having a device dedicated to reading. It's smaller and lighter than a tablet, making it easy to hold for long periods.

There are now four different versions of Kindle and an additional Kindle for Kids bundle, including the two-year worry-free guarantee and a cover.

It can be overwhelming choosing between them, so that you can read the differences at this link:

kindle paperwhite black friday

You can compare and read about all the Kindles here.


I recommend a Fire HD Tablet or Kindle product all year round, but I wanted to quickly explain some of the benefits since this is one of the best times to purchase them.

Of course, any Fire tablets or Kindles make an excellent gift for somebody special or yourself!

Please let me know if you have any questions about these products.