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Check Out Peloton Barre Classes! Here is my Review

I have had my Peloton bike since early 2017, and if you spend anytime on my website you can see I am obsessed.

For years Peloton users have been requesting Peloton to add barre classes and Pilates classes.

So, does Peloton have barre classes? Yes, they do!

They added a small amount of classes to start but now barre is a regular part of the Peloton schedule.

Currently there are over 70 barre classes with more being added weekly.

Peloton barre classes

Peloton Barre

I took dance classes for several years in my youth like many of us. I quit when I got to pointe because I wasn’t ready to pursue that level of dance.

But dancing is one of my best childhood memories, and the Peloton barre classes are igniting some nostalgia for my dance days.

I have taken many of the new barre classes and I love it.

I struggle to get strength training done (I really just want to ride the bike all the time).

I am hoping by including barre in my routine it will add another way to strength train.

Barre was one of those things I always wanted to try before I got my Peloton but never had time.

With three young children in the house I did not go to the gym and lacked the motivation to find workouts on my own. 

I now have the Peloton Tread, the Bike+, and with the pilates, yoga and barre workouts Peloton has so much content I never want to leave.

Peloton Barre
Peloton Barre Class Review

What is Barre?

According to fitness experts, Barre class is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates.

It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can.

Those that have prepared for Pointe work will find most of the exercises in Barre classes to mimic what they have done in Ballet classes.

Though Barre classes today are far from a traditional Ballet class, quality instruction should include Ballet principles, terminology, placement and movements. 

According to Peloton barre works your local muscle groups in micro movements which help with posture and strength.

Barre uses small movements and pulses, isometric holds, and fatigues your muscles one group at a time.

How long are the Peloton Barre workouts?

Peloton's barre classes range from a five minute warm up to 45 minutes.

Who teaches Peloton Barre?

Ally and Hannah teach the barre classes. They both have a dance background and they are both bike instructors as well.

Do I need any special equipment, do I need a barre?

No, you really don’t. You can use a counter top, a chair, or even a wall. I have done the classes with my counter and my bike. 

You can also do them without anything and just use your balance.

That said, my barre experts told me there are great options on Amazon. I am planning to buy the Booty Kicker because I am in the process of putting a gym in my basement and really want it.

But you do not need it at all, for me it is totally a “want”.

I also use a mat, and some of the classes use light weights. I use the Peloton bike weights. 

How many barre classes are there? 

Right now there is a collection of over 70 barre classes with new ones being added each week. .

barre peloton

Where can I find the Peloton Barre classes?

Barre classes are available under “Strength” from your TV App, mobile App, Bike or Tread touchscreen.

They also can be found under their own collection.


Peloton barre is a great addition to the already massive lineup of content from Peloton. I didn’t even know what I was missing till I took them.

If you have any other questions ask here. If you want more information there is a Facebook group for the barre classes already created.

It is called “Peloton no holds barred”

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