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Peloton has Pilates Classes! Here is Where to Find Them

Yes, Peloton does have Pilate classes. Peloton members had been requesting Pilates for ages, and Peloton delivered by adding more Pilates classes in 2021.

There are now 43 Pilates classes available on the Peloton app, or from the bike or Tread.

Peloton Pilates classes are taught by Emma Lovewell, Sam Yo, Aditi Shah, Hannah Corbin, Kristin McGee, Rebecca Kennedy, Ally Love, Kendall Toole, Anna Greenberg, and Jess King.

Peloton Pilates

Where is Pilates on Peloton?

You can find the classes under strength. You can also look under collections to see them.

You can find the classes under "Strength" on the app or bike or treadmill, there is a class type filter there for “Pilates”.

Does the peloton app have pilates

I have taken almost all of the Pilates classes that Peloton has offered and I love them.

Pilates really focuses on strengthening your core and is a completely low impact workout.

It is very accessible for any kind of fitness level. Doing Pilates has helped me a ton with a previous Pelvic injury and old back injuries.

Many of the moves in the classes remind me of moves I learned in physical therapy.

Therapy I had for a herniated disc in my back, and for the pelvic core issues I had after having a 3rd baby.

These moves in the Pilates classes feel completely safe for both of these issues, and remind me of so many I have learned on my own for strengthening my core.

You only need a mat and the app to get started.

The core and spine strength which comes from Pilates is a great compliment to the Bike and Tread.

Does peloton have pilates
where is pilates on peloton
does peloton offer pilates

Peloton also has Yoga and Barre.

What is the difference between Yoga, Barre, and Pilates?

Yoga is considered an exercise for the mind and body. When it comes to yoga the spiritual aspect can be as important as the physical.

Yoga also can be used for relaxation. While it is great exercise and can lead to strength and flexibility, it is somewhat different from barre and pilates.

One similarity between yoga and pilates is they both focus on breathing during the entire exercise.

Peloton recently introduced barre classes as well. Barre also focuses on strength, but it uses small isometric movements that are based in ballet.

Barre can also sometimes include cardio.

Pilates focuses on the core but will also work your entire body. In addition to using a mat, pilates can also use exercise machines (but not at Peloton).

While yoga, barre, and pilates are all similar they are also a little different.

Having taken many yoga and barre classes from Peloton too, the pilates are a nice addition but just different enough.

When will Peloton add more Pilates classes?

Peloton bases a lot of their offerings on demand, so if you want more Pilates classes keep taking them, and let Peloton know via social media that you want more!

If you are looking for more on Peloton barre you can read about it here and find it on the app as its own category.


I'm a huge Peloton fan. I love that they keep adding additional content constantly keeping the workouts fresh and new.

Since the Peloton Pilates dropped I have done almost all of the classes and definitely feel the burn.

I am hoping for more this year, and in the meantime there is a ton of additional content on the app to keep me busy.

You can read my full Peloton review here!

Does Peloton have pilates
Image courtesy of Peloton