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Can I Use The Peloton App Without a Bike?

I have had my Peloton bike for over three years now and I am a huge fan. You can read my full Peloton review over here.

I had no idea when I bought my bike what a big part of my life it would become, or the friends I would make. As I get ready to go up for my second Peloton Homecoming I decided to write a review of the Peloton Digital App.

A common question regarding the app is, "Can I use the Peloton App without a bike?"

Well the answer is yes, you can totally use the app without the bike. I know many people doing it and it works great. I also use the app without the bike plenty myself.

You can use the app from your phone, tablet, TV or web browser, this includes iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, and Fire TV.

Peloton Digital App Review

Read on for more information about using the Peloton App without a bike.

What is included in the Peloton Digital App?

The Peloton digital app includes all of their live and on demand cycling workouts you find right on the Peloton bike.

This means you can use the app with your own spin bike, your road bike on an indoor trainer, at a hotel, or anywhere you like.

The app also includes many other types of workouts:

Indoor and outdoor running workouts.

Walking workouts.







Peloton Digital App Without a Bike
Peloton Digital App Without a Bike

There are current challenges going on such as minutes worked out in the year, or monthly miles which are also on the app.

There are Peloton programs that have been put together such as strength training or a core program. There are several of these including marathon training.

Collections of classes curated by Peloton so you can easily find certain types of classes are included too.

Peloton Digital App Without a Bike
Peloton Digital App Without a Bike
Peloton Digital App Without a Bike

The current live schedule is available to app users so you can join a live class from anywhere.

Peloton Digital App Without a Bike
According to Peloton you can, "Build a workout schedule that fits around your lifestyle. Filter thousands of classes by type, length, time and your favorite music. Track your progress with milestones and streaks and get reminders. View each class and playlist before you start sweating."
Sounds pretty good right?

Other features of the Peloton Digital App

The app will sync with other fitness tracking apps so you can overload on data like me. The app will sync with Fitbit, Strava, Apple Health, and Apple Watch.

My Fitness Pal and Lose It can import the workouts via Strava or Apple Health. I am sure there are other apps Peloton works with as well but these are the ones I use.

Another cool feature of the app is that you can start a workout on your iPhone or iPad and it will display on your Apple Watch. The heart rate from your watch will show up on the screen on your phone as well.

Using them together will track your heart rate, pace, and distance.

The app is now on Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets.

I use the app with Fire TV to do my strength, yoga, and any other floor workouts. In the past I would stream them from my bike to the TV in my basement, but this could be glitchy due to the casting. Being able to access the workouts via the app on Fire TV is much easier.

You can always take the app from your Apple device and screen cast to your Apple TV if you have one too. I love that there are options for getting the app anywhere with one subscription.

How much does the Peloton Digital App cost?

The current Peloton digital app price is actually lower than it used to be and the price was lowered at the end of 2019. It is $12.99 a month and totally worth it in my opinion.

After hearing me talk about Peloton for a couple of years my mom decided to give the app a try when they started offering 30 day free trials.

My mother is an outdoor cyclist and already has an indoor spin bike so she really did not need the full Peloton cycle.

She was hooked after a couple of uses and now is a regular subscriber.

Peloton Digital App Without a Bike

So what is missing with the app only versus getting the Peloton Bike or Tread?

The leaderboard and metrics are the main differences for cycling and running with the app. If you have a Peloton machine you will have built in metrics letting you know your cadence, resistance, where you are on the leaderboard, heart rate if you have that set up, and other screen metrics.

The leaderboard will be displayed for app riders as a here now leaderboard with people riding at the same time but you will not have metrics.

Otherwise everything is the same. There is a Peloton App users only group on Facebook where you can ask more questions and get tons of information.

Peloton Digital App Review

The app has a 30 day free trial so there is nothing to lose giving it a try!

I am a huge Peloton fan and I bet you will be too.

You can find the Peloton Digital App for Apple devices here!

The Peloton App for Fire TV or tablet here!

Peloton App Google Play here!

If you decide to get the Peloton Cycle or Tread and need a referral code, here you go: DKDH9K

Peloton Digital App Review