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Peloton Tread vs Tread+, I Returned the Tread+ for the Peloton Tread

Since May 2021 Peloton's Tread+ has been under a recall due to one accidental death of a child, and hundreds of incidents, and many injuries reported with the Peloton Tread+ treadmill.

Peloton Tread Plus Recall

I am a huge Peloton fan having owned the Peloton Bike, the Bike+, the Tread+, and now the Tread.

Like many people, I was dismayed when the Tread plus was recalled, and I did not want to return it.

But ultimately I decided returning it was the right decision for me, so now I can effectively compare the Peloton Tread vs the Tread+.

when will peloton tread be available again after recall

Peloton Tread+ recall information

You can find all the recall details here on the CPSC website.

Originally the recall notice was given in May 2021, and Peloton Tread+ owners were given until November 2022 to decide whether or not to return the Tread+ for a full refund.

The other option was to keep the Tread+ and wait for a possible fix, but no information about a definite fix has come out.

The CPSC has recommended everyone stop using the Tread+ right away.

Peloton Tread vs Peloton Tread Plus

How to decide whether to keep the Tread+ or return it?

Immediately there was much debate among Peloton users about whether or not to keep their Tread pluses, or return them.

Everyone needs to make the decision which is best for them. I wrestled with this myself and decided that I would rather be safe than sorry.

Peloton Tread vs Peloton Tread Plus

You can read some of my thought process here ,which I wrote back when the recall was originally issued.

I waited as long as I could, hoping that a fix would be issued, since there was such a long date for the recall.

But it made me nervous. I have three children and two small dogs.

I don't think my kids would try to use the Tread+ without me, but I feared someone coming up behind me when I was working out, and I would not hear them.

Or someone letting the dogs in, and one of them getting caught behind the Tread+.

They are beyond curious, and definitely not smart enough to stay away.

I got a lock for the gym door, and started locking it whenever I was not there, and when using it.

But I did not love locking myself off while working out either.

As the final recall date got closer, I also worried about what would happen if the Tread+ stopped being supported.

Peloton Tread vs Peloton Tread Plus

The Peloton Tread plus is huge, around 500 pounds, and impossible to move.

What if it broke down in the future, was no longer supported, and I could not move it, or sell it due to a recall?

People in Peloton Facebook groups have acted like it is easy to sell a Tread+, but I believe it is illegal to sell a recalled product.

Peloton Tread vs Peloton Tread+

So as I analyzed my options, I decided to go check out the smaller, somewhat cheaper, Peloton Tread at my local showroom again.

Ultimately what pushed me to go for it, and decide I wanted to return my Tread+ and purchase the Tread, were a couple of items:

  • The technology on the Tread monitor is actually newer, including newer bluetooth and mic. The monitor tilts much further and is newer.
  • The actual running space is not much smaller, while the Tread appears much smaller and has a smaller footprint the difference in the running belt space is 60 inches vs 67 inches.
  • A new update from Peloton to push auto incline to the Tread only went to the Tread, and not the Tread+.
  • The biggest pros for the Tread+ were the slat belt which is a bit more shock absorbing, and the bigger screen which is 32" vs the Tread's 24".
  • Those two pros did not outweigh for me the recall, the other positives of the plus, the chance to get a full refund and buy a newer Tread, which would then be under warranty, vs keeping a recalled product out of warranty which may never be fixed.

Tread recall date November 2022 moved to November 2023 and Tread price increase

As November 2022 came closer I decided I was reluctantly going to go ahead and return my Tread+, and purchase the Peloton Tread.

I scheduled my return, and then Peloton and the CPSC announced they were extending the recall until November 2023.

And while I had scheduled the return of my Tread, I had not purchased the new one yet, when Peloton abruptly raised the price on the Tread by $800.

The Tread financing terms also changed around this time, and are not as good as previously.

This gave me major pause, and I promptly cancelled my return to think things over. The price increase timing was the hardest to take.

Why did Peloton extend the recall?

Well according to Peloton, it is because the extended recall is to ensure the safety of all customers who purchased the Peloton Tread+, and to provide them with an opportunity to receive a full refund of their purchase.

There are also rumors swirling that there may be a fix coming for Tread+ in the next year.

But, they are just rumors and nothing is known for certain.

Once I cancelled my Tread+ return I had to think for awhile.

Paying the higher price for Tread hurt after knowing the price I could have paid the entire previous part of the year.

I went ahead with my decision since I knew I still wanted to return the Tread+ for all of the reasons I originally wanted to return it.

I know some users think it is insane to get rid of it, but with small children and dogs in my house I feel safer without the risk.

I waited for black Friday to see if Peloton was going to have any kind of deal on their current Tread to make it less painful, and luckily they did.

Even though it does not make too much sense, it was cheaper to buy the new Tread in a bundle, with accessories.

The financing rates also lowered around black Friday, and have stayed that way through the holidays and continue to be lower today.

There are also still some bundle deals available on Tread today.

How to return the Peloton Tread+ and buy the new Tread

If you would like to return your Tread+ and buy the newer Peloton Tread, you must do the two transactions separately.

Fill out the form on Peloton's website for the Tread+ pick up and return.

You can then order the new Tread whenever you want. It is a separate transaction.

You will be contacted to schedule the pickup of the old Tread, and contacted for the delivery of your new Tread.

Once Peloton receives the old Tread+ your refund will be sent.

Peloton Tread

When will the Peloton Tread+ be available again?

Seriously, nobody knows. As I said above, there are rumors that a fix may be coming, and the recall has been extended a year, but nothing is known for sure.

Peloton Tread vs Peloton Tread Plus in home use

peloton tread vs tread plus
when will peloton tread be available again
when will peloton tread plus be available again

So, how does the Peloton Tread compare to the Peloton Tread Plus now that I have it and am using it?

Well, I love the new Tread! I was so worried about the size, but actually like having the much smaller footprint.

We have gained a lot of space back in our gym.

My biggest fear, based on users in the Peloton Tread Facebook group, was that it would feel small or cheap but it does not.

It feels as nice and luxurious as all my other Peloton products.

l love the screen, the openness around it, and not being so high up.

The knobs actually feel more responsive. I do not miss the slat belt as much as I thought I would.

It feels new and fresh, and I am using it more than I was using my Tread+ before the return.

Maybe this is because of the newness and will wear off, but receiving the new Tread got me motivated to get on it more again.

Please let me know your thoughts, and if you have any questions about the Peloton Tread vs the Peloton Tread+, and the return process, or anything else!