The Best Kid’s Tablet – The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Review

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I have been through several Fire HD’s for my two oldest children in the last several years. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but because I love them and have wanted to upgrade frequently to take advantage of new features.

I had the original Fire HD (I believe back then it was called a kid’s Kindle) and then I upgraded to the 7 version, and now I have just bought two of the Fired HD 10 Kids Edition for my two oldest children.

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet, 10.1" 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB

I have written a review of the older versions which you can check out here.

My youngest now has the older versions to use. Here’s what I LOVE about these tablets. And, why I believe this is the BEST kid’s tablet you can get for a toddler or young child:

  • The kid proof case and 2 year worry free guarantee. Out of five tablets over the years, I have had to use the worry free guarantee twice, and each time it was easy and with no issues.
  • The included 1 year of Free Time Unlimited which gives us access to thousands of apps. And it’s all child appropriate and I really do not have to worry about what my kids are downloading.
  • The parental controls. I can control everything for each of my children’s profiles from any of the devices.
  • I can give the kids access to Netflix or YouTube, or whichever apps I want them to have. They cannot access them without my permission however.
  • I love my Apple products for me but when it comes to a tablet for children I really do prefer the Fire HDs to the iPad. There is so much more parental control, and it’s much more affordable. It’s more affordable for the tablet itself and for the content with the included Free Time Unlimited.

These features I mention above are available on all the Fire HDs. But here is what I love about the 10 specifically:

  • It has the nicest screen yet in terms of size and specs. 10″ does seem large for a child and I had to get used to it at first. I now love it because I have my first grader using it for her class reading apps and homework, and it really can replace a laptop for her at this age.
  • The 10 has the longest battery yet. It lasts much longer than our previous 7 version.
  • The storage is 32 GB right off with the ability to expand it. Our first Fire tablet was set at 8 GB and filled up quickly. Being able to expand the storage is critical.

Here is some information from Amazon about the Fire HD 10 tablet:

Up to $119 in savings on Fire HD 10 tablet, 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a Kid-Proof Case, versus items purchased separately ─ plus a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

  • Not a toy, a full-featured Fire HD 10 tablet with a brilliant 10.1” 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200), 32 GB internal storage, and up to 10 hours of mixed-use battery life. Add a microSD card for up to 256 GB of expandable storage.
  • The included 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to over 15,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, Audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more. Your subscription will then automatically renew every month starting at just $2.99 per month plus applicable tax. You may cancel at any time by visiting the Amazon Parent Dashboard or contacting Customer Service.
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked.
  • Our largest display, now with over 2 million pixels, stereo speakers, Dolby Audio, and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi—perfect for watching Full HD videos, playing games, reading books, and streaming content seamlessly.
  • Add even more content to your child’s profile in FreeTime to give them selected access to apps in your personal library, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Minecraft.
  • Easy-to-use parental controls allow parents to personalize screen time limits, set educational goals, filter age-appropriate content, and also manage web browsing and content usage. Parental controls can be set on device or online through Amazon Parent Dashboard. Additionally, access all tablet features in the adult profile by entering your passcode.
  • Amazon Parent Dashboard with Discussion Cards enables parents to discover the titles their kids enjoy and connect with them through rich conversations about these titles.

I cannot recommend the Fire HD Kids Edition enough. I have been happy with all my versions over the years (five!) and this one is my favorite so far.

Amazon’s support has always come through for me if I have any issues. With Prime you can always return it anyway if you are not happy, so check it out now!

There is a limited-time offer right now: Buy 2, save over 35% on Fire HD 10 Kids Edition.

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