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How to Pair AirPods to Peloton Bike or Tread

I see people constantly asking in my Peloton Facebook groups - can I connect Apple AirPods to the Peloton Bike?

The answer is yes; you can pair AirPods to the Peloton Bike or Tread. You can join the AirPods Pro to the Peloton as well.

While it might not seem as intuitive as using your iPhone, they are Bluetooth devices, and Peloton has Bluetooth built-in.

Read on for information on how to connect AirPods to Peloton.

connect AirPods to Peloton

I love my Peloton; if you look around my site a bit, you will see my obsession.

The built-in speaker on the Peloton tablet is okay, but the music isn't loud enough for me. One of the best parts of riding a stationary bike for me is the music and instructor. I like it loud.

I tried using various Bluetooth speakers, including an Amazon Echo and other brands, and the Echo works excellently as a speaker for the Peloton, but there are times (most of the time) I don't want my kids to hear the ride.

Plus, it still was less loud than having earbuds in your ear. I also tried using my husband's insane sound system, but it had a Bluetooth lag due to being across the room.

I tried other headphones, including the ones that Peloton sells themselves. But they were wired, and wires can be constraining on the bike. I tried my husband's Bluetooth headphones, and they were okay, too, but I wouldn't say I liked sharing.

Finally, I received AirPods for my birthday a couple of years ago, and it was a game-changer. They work with the Peloton, and they are loud.

The best part for me is that the minimal design means no wires, nothing around my neck, and none of the issues I found annoying with other earbuds and headphones.

 Introduction to Airpods

AirPods are the perfect accessory for any music or audio enthusiast. Whether you're looking to upgrade your workout experience with a top-of-the-line pair of headphones or want something that fits your lifestyle, AirPods has got you covered.

They have advanced features like active noise cancellation and wireless charging capabilities, so you can enjoy crisp sound no matter where life takes you.

Connecting them to Peloton is simple and straightforward – all it takes is a few taps on your device's screen! Plus, since they use Bluetooth technology to connect, you won't need any extra cables or adapters; hold your phone near the Peloton console and wait for the connection to be established.

Once connected, you can stream high-quality audio directly from your Peloton while enjoying an immersive listening experience - without ever having to worry about tangled cords!

Connecting Airpods to Peloton Bike or Tread

AirPods revolutionized how we listen to music, making it convenient with their wireless design. As technology continues to move forward and become more intertwined with our daily lives, connecting your AirPods to your Peloton has become a breeze.

Using Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect your AirPods to your Peloton bike in just a few simple steps.

The first step is to ensure that both of your devices are powered on and within range of each other. 

Open your AirPods and press the pairing button on the back of them. 

 Then open Bluetooth on the Peloton bike. It's under settings in the top right corner of the bike screen console, and select "Bluetooth Devices" from the menu.

pair AirPods to Peloton
Settings are located on the upper right hand side of the screen
how to pair AirPods to Peloton

Once you have selected this option, find "AirPods" in the list of available devices and click on it. 

Your AirPods will then be connected to the console and ready for use!

After this, you should be all set!

Once you pair them the first time, they should appear as an available device in the Peloton Bluetooth settings.

Connect AirPods to peloton
how to pair AirPods Pro to Peloton

But I will admit, technology only sometimes works so smoothly, and once in a while, I have had issues with them connecting easily.

This is not unique to the AirPods, I have had issues with the Peloton heart rate monitor, and I have also had the same problems with my other Bluetooth speakers.

This is more of a Bike thing than an issue with the AirPods, but I will share some of my troubleshooting tips.

Using these tips, I am always able to get back going quickly.

Troubleshooting when AirPods won't connect to the Peloton

The first step is refreshing the Bluetooth on the Peloton.

If this does nothing, I turn the Bluetooth on and off.

Still nothing? Sometimes I have to reboot the bike. Especially if there has recently been an update.

If somebody is nearby with AirPods and they open their previously paired AirPods, it can kick yours off.

Sometimes I make the bike forget my husband's AirPods if I need more help connecting (sorry, husband!).

how to connect AirPods Pro to Peloton

He can always pair them again later.

You can also forget your AirPods on the bike and pair them again from scratch. If you see them there, this is an option, but they just won't connect.

Another option is to ensure the Bluetooth is not defaulting and connecting to another speaker.

Make sure to hit disconnect on that device name in the Peloton Bluetooth settings.

Sometimes I also have found that disconnecting my AirPods from my phone helps. Especially if I have my phone right there next to the bike.

Another issue I have encountered with my AirPods is that they sometimes connect, but the volume is low. I am still trying to understand why this happens. 

Usually, the troubleshooting tips above will solve the volume issue as well.

Note that the AirPods volume during a ride is controlled by the Peloton's volume control on the side of the bike touch screen.

Other headphone options for Peloton

If you're looking for a way to listen to your favorite music while riding on the Peloton, AirPods are an excellent choice. They provide high-quality sound that will make your ride more enjoyable. 

To connect them, hold down the button on the back of the case until it begins flashing white, then select "AirPods" from your Bluetooth device list in settings.

AirPods with Peloton

But there are other options for headphones, too – wired or wireless, depending on what suits you best. Wired headphones offer better sound quality but can be cumbersome if you're cycling hard.

Wireless headphones provide convenience, comfort, and noise isolation, so you won't disturb anyone nearby. Some brands even have models specifically designed for sports activities like running or biking - perfect for use with Peloton!

No matter which option, having a good pair of headphones makes any exercise session much more enjoyable.


You can connect AirPods and AirPods Pro to the Peloton cycle or Tread; for me, it is my favorite way to ride.

I love the loud volume and the fact that the bike sound is not bothering anyone else.

This is especially handy while my kids are playing nearby, and the rides can be explicit.

While there can be some minor issues connecting with Bluetooth on the bike, these issues are not unique to AirPods and are easy to solve with the troubleshooting tips above.

The AirPods hold up fine, are not obtrusive during a ride, and sweat doesn't affect them.

Please let me know if you have questions about using Apple AirPods with the Peloton.

You can find third-generation AirPods on Amazon.

Check out my full Peloton review if you want more information about the bike or are looking for a referral code!

How to connect AirPods to peloton bike