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iPhone X My First Thoughts and Review

I was lucky enough (well this is subjective) to get up at 3 AM and purchase the new iPhone X on the preorder date. I received it on November 3rd and I am more than happy with it.

Here are my first thoughts about the iPhone X:

It’s a beautiful display.

The OLED display is crisp and bright and made my iPhone 6s Plus look dull compared to it. I have not noticed any color issues which have been mentioned elsewhere. Mine looks amazing.

The size is right.

The 5.8 inch screen is more than enough. It is only a tiny bit narrower than my plus screen was and the phone overall has a much smaller form factor but similar size screen. I did not know what this would seem like to me but after a few days my older Plus phone feels big and bulky. It's funny how quickly we can get used to something new.

The notch is not very noticeable.

I was concerned about the notch at the top of the phone which houses the face recognition tech and so were many others but it fades away with use.

Face ID works wonderfully.

I look at my phone and it's unlocked. I don't have to super close to it and I have used it in the dark while nursing my baby to sleep, in the car with sunglasses on, and in every other test I have performed it has worked. The only time it has not has been when I had something up to my face, such as taking a sip of water and holding my phone up - it did not unlock with the glass blocking it.

I do not miss a home button.

Another concern of many users is whether the home button would be missed. Nope. This phone does not feel like it should have a button anywhere and I immediately got used to swiping to close or move around. In fact it felt more similar to using my Mac track pad.

The camera is amazing.

As a blogger and mom who loves to take photos having a great phone camera is wonderful. This was a big upgrade for me. Here is a sample photo I took and edited on my phone the day after receiving it.

iPhone X first thoughts - Mom Tech Blog

The biggest negative about the iPhone X so far..

Apps that have not been updated to work the X do not look as great on the phone. Almost all of my apps were updated the day I got the phone, but there are a couple which are not. If an app is not updated it may look smaller on screen due to working around the notch at the top. The non updated apps may have a black empty space at the top and bottom, which makes the overall look of the app smaller. I have heard that most apps will be updated within a few months. There are many in the app store and while most of mine are updated this will vary from user to user.

Bottom Line

I love this phone and I am happy I did not wait to upgrade. Between my iPhone X and my Apple Watch I am able to stay on top of my blogging work and take it with me anywhere.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the phone at all!

iPhone X First Thoughts and Review - Mom Tech Blog

Lauren Ciszek

Wednesday 18th of April 2018

I am getting an iPhone X today. Do you have tips/tricks for moms?


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Hi Lauren,

I have not written anything like that but it's a good idea. If you have had an iPhone before it's pretty similar. If you have not I find it a great tool as a mom. I use it to keep myself organized with reminders, notepad and calendar. I keep music on it for my children and even some games for when I really need it.


Monday 19th of March 2018

Hi Jen. It was good reading your review. I’ve only got my X a couple of weeks ago and I totally agree with everything you say. my previous one was iPhone6, so it was a big leap from 6 to X. but everything else is of course apple. what edition is your watch ? I have the first edition and I would like to know if there is a big difference with the watch 2 paired with X, is it better in terms of battery autonomy? etc.

Thanks for sharing your iPhoneX review.


Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Hi Flo,

I have the Apple Watch 3 and I think they work great together. The nice thing about this watch is that it can work without the phone nearby too. The battery life is decent. I usually charge the watch every day and a half and it charges quickly. Let me know if you have any other questions.